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Accession to Internal Market (Components I and II) - AIM Project

Co-funded by the European Union



Inspection control in the internal market is carried out in the areas of trade (wholesale trade, retail trade, trade-related services), crafts and trades and other personal services, specific public services and in other areas as prescribed. The inspection control is carried out in relation to the enforcement of legislation regulating the mentioned areas, in the part concerning the conditions for performing economic activities and obligations relevant to the economic activities in order to ensure legal market of goods and services and protection of economic interests of the consumers, conformity and safety of non-food products on the market, protection of intellectual property rights, protection from unfair competition etc. 
The Market inspectorate is also engaged in performance of other obligations falling within its competence (receiving trade notifications and keeping the register of trade notifications, receiving initiatives/complaints filed by the consumers and other persons and keeping the register of consumer complaints).
As a key supervisory body in the areas of consumer protection and safety of non-food products, this Inspectorate is the implementing body for strategic national documents in these areas. The Market Inspectorate gives full contribution in the implementation of the commitments Montenegro has to fulfil on its way to the EU through its routine activities and through specific involvement in the mentioned areas. 
By carrying out inspection control within the limits of its competences, the Market Inspectorate wishes to achieve regulated market. Inspection control is organised by focusing on the irregularities which are a major threat to public interest. Controls are performed without delay and with least possible disturbances to the controlled entities. Tendency is to achieve the control as efficient as possible in the existing circumstances, taking measures that are adequate for the irregularities found and setting an appropriate time limit for eliminating them. Routine controls are comprehensive, while targeted controls are also organised based on the orders and complaints in specific areas and in specific fields and segments of inspection control. 
The necessity of consistent and uniform inspection control (covering all areas of inspection control and uniform operating method of control and taking of measures) in the whole territory of Montenegro is supported by occasional exchange of inspectors between territorial units and municipalities and by intensified control, depending on risk assessment, in certain areas. 
What the business entities operating in the market of goods and services must know regarding the powers of the Market Inspectorate is summarised below, according to the following specific areas:
• Domestic trade and crafts and trades
• Consumer protection
• Product safety
• Intellectual property
o Copyright and related rights
 Optical discs
 Computer applications (software)
 Other
o Industrial property rights
 Trademark
 Patent
 Design
 Indication of geographical origin
 Topography of a semiconductor product
• Other areas
o Metrology
o Precious metal objects
o Tobacco and tobacco products etc.